Color Me ______

Color Me _____ is a collaborative exhibit by myself and designer / illustrator Andrew Neyer.

The project is a collaboration between two artists and also a collaboration between the exhibit and the public.

Andrew and I draw a large-scale black and white mural, to then be finished by the public on opening night with 5.5' giant markers.

We have currently toured the project to Cincinnati at YES Gallery, Indianapolis at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Columbus Indiana at IUCA+D, and to New York City in collaboration with the "Draw Something 2" launch party by Zynga.

If you are interested in hearing more about how you can bring the exhibit, workshop and / or lecture to your organization please contact me

Selected Press


The Columbus, IN show was covered by WFIU NPR, interviewing Andrew and myself, as well as Prof. Kelly Wilson who runs the Indiana University Columbus Art + Design center where the show was held. WFIU also interview locals interacting with the show.

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Swiss Miss

"Would love to use one of those giant markers and color on a wall."

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Sundance Channel

"You can sign me up for anything that involves giant markers."

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Urban Outfitters

"How did we miss this?"

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"I wish I had known about the Color Me _______ Exhibition ahead of time! Artists Andy J. Miller and Andrew Neyer made a 24 ft mural and viewers could come and color it with huge markers! Looked like fun!"

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