Delay on the Will Bryant Episode of CPT


HEY! I just posted an interview with WILL BRYANT on Creative Pep Talk, but as I was listening back again I decided to take it down!

Sorry for inconvenience.

Actually with the skype interviews I have been having trouble keeping a natural / conversational pace with the digital delay. This episode in particular had a really bad delay and I was trying to make up for it, which resulted in my cutting Will off over and over! Just too hard to listen to!

Although I think there was a lot of good stuff in the episode, I'm taking it down for now.

Apologies to my boy Will Bryant, and I will keep you all posted!

AGAIN sorry for the indecision as well, this podcast has taken me to some great places, HOWEVER it is still just a little thing that I do on my own and sometimes it's hard to manage it like a pro!