Why I'm Doing a Patreon

When I graduated college I was not the best illustrator and it had nothing to do with my talent.

In fact, I'd say art has little to do with talent.

In art it's not how great your talent is, it's what you do with it, and what you do with it is your strategy.

Art career strategy is what Creative Pep Talk is all about.

David Kelley, founder of design innovation giant IDEO, argues in his TED talk that there are no creative types, only those with confidence in their creative abilities.

Everyone knows there are wildly successful artists that can draw and paint in perfect hyper-realism and also those who are just as successful, that draw elevated stick figures for a living.

The majority of my biggest breakthroughs in my career started in my head, not in my hand.

In fact, for years so many of the answers were right in my face, if only I'd had the eyes to see them. Looking back, had I known the right strategy I could have surpassed all sorts of obstacles much quicker than I did.

This is why I do Creative Pep Talk. To share the strategy that I've learned in the past, and the new strategy I'm learning today.

Honestly, I think all career success hinges on strategy BUT a career in the arts, in this culture, takes much much greater strategy.

It makes me sick to think of undervalued, underutilized creatives stuck in work where they are miserable and misunderstood.

When I graduated I was desperate for this kind of resource, but to my knowledge (and I looked really hard), I could not find it.

This is why I do CPT...

but lately it hasn't felt like enough. I get more emails than I can keep up with and more requests for further investment and I just don't have the time...

but I do have the interest and passion.

I created the Patreon so I could take Creative Pep Talk to the next level. So I could spend more time doing this work and invest more in you.

If you love the pep talks and you want them to continue and get better and better, consider backing the project at a $1 a show.

If you love the show, but you need more, the $5 backing gives you access to more of the quick fire episodes or "Peppy Talks" that will now be exclusive to $5+ Patrons backers.

The $10 range is for those who want more episodes (peppy talks) and a little one to one interaction with me: personal quarterly portfolio / strategy reviews. For now I'm going to limit this group to the first 10 who commit. I may extend it in the future but I want to limit this commitment until I know how many on this tier I can handle.

I've offered 'Art Career Coaching' for a few years now off and on, and I've had some amazing experiences, but most struggling artists can't afford to drop a large sum of money at once, so this $10 range is a solution for this.

I sort of see the Patrons on Patreon as the "Creative Pep Talk " members. The people who go from audience to participants. It's early days, but I hope that we can create a community around this!

You can back the Patreon here: www.patreon.com/creativepeptalk