Morning Illustration Thoughts #1



I'm completely grateful to be in a position where I've been overloaded with work this year. 

However, this weekend was the first of the year in which I didn't have substantial work to finish. 

I realized that without taking much of a break, I'd somehow because less human. 

Even when I wasn't working, I was working in my mind. Never fully present.

Illustration on the mind 24/7.

Sometimes I ponder: is it possible to enjoy life and illustration at the same time? 

I think so... It just takes a head like a rock. You've got to fight that current. 

Remember when Will Ferrell goes to see the shiny mailroom in Elf?  

He he meets that ex con, they have some syrup and get talking.  

I feel like that guy today. 

"just go with the flow...just go with the flow...NO! I gotta get out of the flow, that's what got me here" 

Our industry is about creativity, finding your own voice and inspiration...but if you're not careful it can be about social media, jealousy and back biting.