The Number One Secret Way to Stick Out in the Illustration World...

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Recently I read a few chapters out of this book, Think and Grow Rich, on a recommendation from James Victore from his burning questions video series.

It's a very interesting and sensational read. I love hyperbole.

He says there's this secret in the book to unlock riches. And he never says "this is the secret", he says you will see it in the writing if you are ready.

Part of the secret is the title: THINK!

I'm not brilliantly intelligent. I only had a little above average grades in school.


If I had to pinpoint one thing that has aided my career more than anything else it's this:

I spend a lot of time alone... thinking.

It sounds glamorous, I know.

It's not, almost everyone around me hates that I spend so much of my time this way.

In fact, I'm very very rarely thinking of anything that isn't already obvious.


I do think.

You can read all you want, but you'll never truly be able to delegate your thinking.

Spending time alone, in a bath, on a walk, on the floor... thinking about your work and your career is the most valuable thing you can do to breakthrough the noise.