Embrace the Fluffy

Today I watched this video, a snippet from an interview with actor, director and playwright Mark Rylance.


It was sent to me from an internet buddy who always spooks me out with how well he seems to know me, through only my internet persona.


It actually turned out to be one of those spooky-lovely coincidences.


Last night, I was ranting until 2am to a close friend who came to visit about the same topic as this video.


The idea is this: the fluffy, mushy, gushy, subjective, lovely, beautiful, meaningful side of life is completely undervalued in our culture, in the name of science, facts, data, and economics.


Facts are not meaning.

Data is not wisdom.

Science is not truth.

Economics are not happiness.

Of course all of these objective, hard fact type things make the world go round. 


I'm not arguing against them. 

I'm arguing for the fluffy.

People do horrible things to themselves because of the lack of wisdom and meaning in their life.


People do amazing things on the back of a sense of purpose.


Great stories can save people.


We will never find the perfect mathematical equation for a happy life.

This is why I believe in art.

I heard a Picasso quote yesterday that sums it up: "Art is a lie that tells the truth".

The facts are not the whole story.


Although good fiction is still fiction, sometimes it contains more truth than anything else in the world.