The Dream that Sprouted Legs. (52 Stories: 1 of 52)

There once was a boy who dreamt many dreams.

Sometimes his dreams were happy, and sometimes they weren't.

One day, one of the boy's dreams sprouted a pair of legs and ran out the door!

The boy followed his dream.

The boy chased his dream!

The boy ran, tackled his dream, smushed his face into the dream's face and shouted "Listen here little Dream, you are my dream and you are going to take me with you and show me how to do dreaming things!"

The dream did show the boy how to do dreaming things.

He taught the boy how to fly...

how to walk through walls...

how to turn into a rattlesnake that could play the guitar..

He even taught the boy how to eat ketchup covered basketballs in one single bite!

The boy and the dream were best friends.

They went on adventures, they sang ridiculous songs about cheese-puffs and they ate pickles together.

"You are my best friend, dream, and I shall name you Barry!"

The dream liked being called Barry. He was proud to have a name.

As the boy got older though, Barry the dream did not.

The dream wanted to fly with the boy, but the boy would only fly in an airplane.

The dream still wanted to chomp on basketballs, but the boy was only interested in playing basketball with his friends.

The dream thought it would be fun to play robot-space-taco-shop in the clouds, but the boy only wanted to watch the clouds with his new girlfriend.

Soon the boy forgot about the dream.

The dream forgot his name.

When finally the boy could no longer see the dream, the dream completely disappeared.

The boy got older, and he didn't have dreams anymore.

He just said bizarre and boring words, that didn't mean anything at all, like "finance", "escrow" and "cholesterol".

As the boy got older and older, he became more and more tired. One night he was so tired, that he went to bed before the sun went to sleep.

That night, the boy slept so long, that he did have a dream.

The boy dreamed about a little cloud with legs, named Barry.

When the boy awoke, he remembered his dream that had sprouted legs!

He looked everywhere for Barry the dream.

He shouted "Barry! Barry! Where are you!?"

He ran out the door, to find his dream, but Barry could not be found.

The boy never found Barry.

The boy missed Barry.

The boy was sad.

The boy sat down on a stump in the park, closed his eyes and started to cry. Just then a something hit him smack dab on the top of his noggin.

When he looked down, he realized it was a basketball covered in ketchup!

Screenshot 2014-03-20 10.50.28.png

The boy remembered the dreaming things that Barry had taught him!

Even though the boy was still a bit sad, doing the dreaming things made him feel much better, and made him feel as though Barry was still there with him...

Even to this day, if you knew the boy well, you'd know that he still eats a few ketchup covered basketballs from time to time.


This story is part of a project called "52 Stories". My goal is to share one story a week, for a year, and publish each story to my blog with at least 1 accompanying image. The project began on March 20th, 2014, and I will be posting a new story every thursday for 52 weeks.