A Lack of Wonder

Screenshot 2014-02-27 09.54.22.png

Recently I've felt this nagging, aching feeling of sadness. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I feel it stems from the current state of things...and of course the internet.

Everything feels so data driven.

Everyone walks around with the internet in their pockets, sure that the world's infinite knowledge is one click away.

How sad.

The truth is we still know very little about our world.

We still discover new creatures every year.

We still don't know exactly how we got here.

Can a rousing story still inspire us? ...without data to back it up?

Have we lost all interest and trust for the human soul?

We are so skeptical and suspicious.

Let's look at the stars with wonder. Let's dream dreams. Let's tell stories and draw pictures, without clever catchphrases that maybe just might go viral.

Let's quit saying the word viral, danggit! (sorry for the cursing...but I am getting upset!)

Everything we've ever known eventually gets replaced by stuff we find out later, and then gets replaced by stuff we find out later, after that.

I love science...but let's not lose our sense of mystery and humanness that defies "facts".

Let's love beauty and art...without having to explain why on evolutionary terms why we have developed a sense for beauty.